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I love your gallery, especially the foggy sceneries, they're awesome *^*
Also, Nevermore 3 is awesome! I first discovered it years ago and back then I couldn't speak English at all so I didn't understand a single word. Today, I replayed it and it's amazing! The end is very funny XD Keep up your good work! Love 
Great creativity in your work ,Well done it s good,keep it up !
I absolutely adore Nevermore 3--one thing I particularly love are the soundscapes!! Are the birdcalls in Mosstown your own creation or did you find them somewhere else? They're so cool!!
Here, via Nevermore 3. Fun! Thanks!!
I really loved nevermore 3 it was art-fly beautiful and well done. But i have a qestion. Did you made a game game called Coma cuz the art almost look the same? anyways i really like your style it really pretty so plz make more games and stuff plz :3 :iconbeggingplz:
westykid Mar 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
short answer, no. long answer, read my latest post haha
Thankyou very much though :)
no prob and if you ever do find the game you should play it it quite good it on newgrounds in the art games and i will :3
Will there be a Nevermore 4? there haasss to beee :0
Gaufrier Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE your gallery!
Your work is so incredible!
I love how the minimalism leaves an impact.
Ashia21 Dec 7, 2010   Writer
Will there ever be more nevermore? :tears:
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